Moving from one house to another can be time consuming and labor intensive, even with the help of a professional moving team on your side. If the stress of moving has you a bit frazzled, not to worry, it is possible to relieve this stress and make your moving experience far more successful. This is because with just a few simple tips, you will be able to start working smarter, rather than harder.

Tip 1: Attach Hardware Directly To Disassembled Furniture

There is nothing quite as frustrating as going to reassemble a piece of furniture only to find that you are missing a screw or other piece of hardware that is essential to getting the job done. Not only can this discovery result in an otherwise unnecessary trip to the local hardware store, but it can also prevent you from taking advantage of the help your moving team is able to offer in reassembling furniture once you arrive in your new home. In order to prevent this situation from happening, simply place each piece of hardware into a durable storage bag as it is removed. After all of the hardware has been removed, close your storage bag and tape it directly to the inside of the furniture it belongs to.

Tip 2: Use Color Coded Labels For All Your Boxes

Even a small home can produce dozens upon dozens of boxes on moving day. Taking the time to read the label on each box to determine where it belongs in your new home can be an incredibly time consuming and tedious job. Consequently, boxes will often be staked in large piles where they will wait to be moved to their final destination in the house. Taking this approach will result in the need to move boxes around your home long after moving day is over and is truly a waste of your valuable time.

In order to allow for easy identification of your moving boxes, you will want to incorporate the use of color coded box labels. Assign a color to each room in your home, such as your bedroom, kitchen, and living room. While your moving crew may not take the time to read each label on the box, the ability to quickly associate each color with a specific area of your home will allow them to place each box into the room it belongs in rather than simply creating a mountain of boxes in your front entryway.

A Final Thought

Moving an entire household will always require some work on your behalf. However, there is no reason that you can’t enjoy the excitement that comes along with moving to a new home as well. By learning to work smarter instead of harder, you will have more time to enjoy the anticipation of moving, and ultimately more time to enjoy your new home. Ask a professional like Wheaton World Wide Moving for more information.