An old mattress can be uncomfortable to sleep on. This can leave you physically sore, grumpy and generally unhealthy. Here are signs that you need to change your mattress:

You Are More Comfortable Sleeping Away

You should be more comfortable in your own bed than nowhere else. Therefore, if you find yourself sleeping more comfortable away from home, then your mattress might be an issue. Of course, it may mean nothing if it happens once or twice, but you should be worried if it is the norm. This is especially the case if you have eliminated other sleep distractions such as noises and bright lights.

You Wake Up Sore

A good night’s rest should leave you refreshed and relaxed, not sore feeling pain. Therefore, if you wake up with pain in your body, especially in your lower back, then the mattress may be the culprit. It might mean that the mattress is either too soft or too stiff for you. According to WebMD, this is likely to be the case if the soreness or lower back pain goes away after stretching or walking around for 15 minutes or so.

The Mattress Is Lumpy

Your mattress should be lumpy, saggy or frazzled. That is how mattresses wear out, and if that is how yours looks, then it is already worn out. The unevenness will make your sleep uncomfortably, and it may be why getting out of your bed is such a painful task every day.  This form of wear and tear is more common with some types of mattresses such as innerspring and pillow-top mattresses.

You Sneeze Whenever You Lie On the Bed

Mattresses attract different types of household allergens. Normal cleaning gets rids of most, but not all, types of these allergens. Over time, the accumulation of these particles may make you sneeze every time you lie down on the bed to sleep. Some materials such as latex may also trigger sneezing, so you should rule out other bedding materials as the culprits before accusing the mattress.

Your Mattress Is Old

Finally, if your mattress is old, then you shouldn’t wait for any of the above signs. Mattresses have different lives depending on factors such as material, manufacturing quality, use and others. Therefore, it’s not easy to give an exact number of years after which you should discard your mattress. According to, you can easily get ten years out of your mattress if you treat it well. However, if you have used it past its manufacturer’s warranty date, then it’s probably time to discard it.

Make sure you dispose of your old bed properly. Most mattress stores have disposal programs where you can dispose of your old specimen when you pick up a new product. The mattresses are usually recycled as a form of environmental conservation.

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