If you have a broken window screen on one of your doors or windows, it can cause problems such as leaves and insects coming into your home. You may think that you need to take your screen to a professional to have it repaired, but this is simply not true. Replacing a broken window screen is an easy job you can do on your own. If you follow these steps, it will be fixed very quickly.

Measure The Screen And Purchase The Materials

Begin by grabbing a measuring tape and determine the height and width of the window screen. With that information in hand, you can go to a home improvement store and purchase the following materials:

  • Window spline
  • Window screen
  • Spline roller

Select The Window Screen Material

There will be several options for window screen material at the home improvement store. Vinyl-coated fiberglass screens are going to be the cheapest option available. You really cannot go wrong with using it, as the material does not stain, rust, or corrode. The only downside is that it will tear easily compared to other screen materials.

Aluminum screens are a bit stronger, and come in a couple colors such as silver, black, and dark gray. A darker color is going to give you better visibility when looking outside, but will not reduce glare from the sun as well as other screens. If you are concerned about the visibility, but still want protection from the sun, consider purchasing specialty solar screen material.

If you need protection from pets, there are heavy-duty screens made out of vinyl-coated polyester. They are very durable, and will not rip or tear when your pet jumps up on them and put their weight against the screen.

Replace The Screen

The process of replacing the screen is simple. Once you have removed the frame from your window or door, place the screen material over the frame. There should be at least a two-inch overlap on each side of the frame.

Place the spline over the screen in one of the corners, and press down on it using the spline roller until the spline is inserted on a single side. Pull the screen taut on the opposite side, and continue inserting the spline into the screen using the spline roller. Once all of the spline has been inserted, trim any excess screen.

Your home will now be protected from bugs and debris from outside with your new replacement screen installed. For more information on how to replace broken windows, talk to a professional, like those at United Glass Service Inc.