If you have a lot of excess items that you’d like to put in storage, renting a unit is a great way to go. If you fear that you are unable to rent a storage unit due to your poor budget, you may be surprised to learn that there are units available at a variety of price ranges. Many companies have low-rent storage units available so you are able to house your items temporarily with ease. Learn how to find a great storage unit even if you have a limited amount of money to spend.

Stick to your budget

You can get a small storage unit (around 9 square feet) for around $20 a month, but average storage unit rates will run you from $30-$50 a month. What you pay is dependent on many factors, including the size of the unit you need, whether you have a padlock rental, or even where you live. If you live in an area where there are limited storage unit companies available, you often pay more for your service, versus living in an area where there are many companies to choose from. Pick your solid budget for a storage unit, and only choose storage unit facilities that can work within your means. This includes your security deposit and any additional fees you may pay per month. Before you sign a rental contract, know what your true monthly rental fees will be so you are better able to stay within your budget’s limits.

Skip the extras

Unless you have certain items that need special storage care, such as a fur coat or a prized painting collection, there are certain extras you don’t need in your storage unit. The following extras tend to make basic storage units more expensive, so beware:

  • temperature controlled units
  • indoor units
  • units with built-in heaters
  • built-in storage shelves

Opt for a plain unit with outside parking instead (provide your own lock so you don’t have to rent one) so you can get the best rate possible for your storage needs. You can save several dollars a month by not renting storage units that have additional perks tied to them.

Pay in advance

If you offer to prepay for your storage rental service, you can receive a discount from the company. Companies love the security of knowing that their storage unit rental are paid for upfront, and are willing to give people an incentive to pay for everything all at once. Whether you pay a few months in advance or a whole year, the company you choose to rent from should be willing to give you a discount or other incentive to continue doing so.

Renting a storage unit may seem impossible when you have a limited budget to work with. If you shop around for a great deal, compare companies for deals, and offer to pay for only basic services upfront, you just may find yourself getting a great storage unit on the budget that you have.

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