You don’t need to use harsh cleaners and toxic chemicals to keep you ceramic floor tiles sparkling clean. Not only will you avoid having to smell strong fumes on cleaning day, you’ll know that your floors are both kid- and pet-friendly. You may also save money by opting for natural tile cleaning, as you most likely have all of the products you need on hand.

These environmentally-friendly cleaning tips will come in handy whether you deep-clean your tile floors once a day, once a week, or once a month:

General Maintanence

A fast and simple way to ensure that your tile floors look their best is by sweeping up any dirt and debris on a daily basis. Small pebbles, stones, sand, grit and dirt can be tracked in the bottom of shoes and may scratch the glazed ceramic. Over time, the debris may make the tiles dull. 

If you’d prefer to vacuum the tile floors instead of sweeping them, be sure to set your vacuum cleaner to it’s “bare floor setting” for best results. Also, consider placing rugs inside or outside of each home entrance to catch any debris. 

Make sure to wipe up any liquid spills as soon as they happen to avoid staining the tiles. Use a soft, clean, cloth to absorb the liquid, and follow up with a cleaning solution of one part distilled white vinegar and one part water to remove any residue. 

Removing Residue

Due to everyday wear and tear, a residue may form on your ceramic tiles, dulling the surface. You can restore the floor’s brilliant shine by mopping it with a gentle cleaner. Mix a few drops of natural dish soap with warm water, and apply it to the tiles either with a mop or by hand with a soft towel. Give more attention to especially dirty areas, such as around the refrigerator or near a door.

If the dish soap cleaner isn’t strong enough, you can treat hard-to-remove residue by mixing a mild acid, such as lemon juice or distilled white vinegar, with water instead. Rinse the tile floors thoroughly with a mop or towel dampened with clean water, and buff them dry with a lint-free cloth or chamois,

Cleaning Grout

When cleaning your tile floors, don’t forget the grout. Since grout is porous, it can absorb stains, making the floors look dirty. Deep-clean the grout by applying a baking soda and water paste and allowing it to sit for an hour or two. Rub the paste into the grout with a gentle nylon brush and wipe it away with a water-dampened cloth. 

For larger projects, consider contacting professional floor cleaners, such as Logan Carpet Cleaning Inc.