There’s no doubt about it: moving is a chore. As if it wasn’t enough to decide to sell, find a new home, change the addresses, call the utilities, get home insurance transferred, and the countless other chores to do, there is still all of the packing and moving to be done. Professional movers like Midway Moving & Storage aren’t just experienced in moving your belongings from one home to another. Professional movers can also do the packing for you. If you choose that route, there is no preparation required. If you decide to pack on your own and have the movers transfer your items, here are three tips to prepare for their arrival on your moving day.

Pack properly

Since you are packing yourself, the movers can’t be held liable for damage inside the boxes due to poor packing. Wrap breakable items in paper carefully and use blankets or towels to fill in empty spaces. If you have some very expensive or irreplaceable items, consider moving those things yourself. The movers won’t know from the outside of a box that your great grandmother’s china is inside and it means the world to you.

Write it down

When packing up your boxes, remember to label them well. You can list all of the contents, or just a few of the larger items. But be sure to state clearly on each box the room in which it is to be transferred to in your new home. Make sure the movers have your correct new address, especially if there is more than one truck. They are very efficient, but it doesn’t hurt to double check that there hasn’t been a typo on their work order.

Be fully packed and prepared

It’s never a good idea to still be packing when the movers arrive. Have all of your boxes packed, labeled and arranged or stacked according to the room they will be moving into. Make sure there is plenty of room to walk through, even if that means shifting furniture. They need a clear path to get through from the furthest room to the front door. If you have them, use plastic runners to cover your carpet in high-traffic areas. But don’t throw down just any plastic; tarps and plastic covers not made for floors are a slip hazard.

It is also a good idea to separate boxes into the rooms they will go in. Movers will generally take boxes in the order they find them, so by organizing them properly, it will be easier when they are unloaded off the truck.