Does your kitchen need a little sprucing up? Do you want to renovate your kitchen but have a very small budget to do so? Maybe, the solution to your low budget is transforming your upper kitchen cabinets to glass-front cabinets. Here, you will learn how to do just that.

Step1: Remove the Doors

Use a screwdriver to carefully remove the cabinet doors. Be careful as you do this so you don’t strip the screws holding the hinges in place.

Step 2: Remove the Center of the Doors

If your cabinet doors do not have a frame to follow, you will have to measure a perimeter to follow. If your cabinets have a center panel, simply remove the center panel. Use a router with a straight bit to cut out the center of the cabinet door.

Tip: If you don’t own a router, one can be rented at your local home improvement store.

Step 3: Create a Glass Mounting Lip

Use the router to cut a mounting lip for the glass panel you will be installing. The mounting lip is just a shallow lip cut into the edge of the opening so that the glass panel will sit flush with the rest of the cabinet door.

Step 4: Measure the Openings

Carefully measure the openings in your cabinet doors. These measurements need to be exact so that you can take them to have glass panels cut for your cabinet doors. For the most accurate results, measure each door at least twice to ensure your measurements are precise.

Step 4: Get the Glass

Your local home improvement store likely offers a glass cutting service. Simply take your measurements with you to the store and give them to the cutting technician.

Step 5: Install the Glass

Run a thin bead of clear silicone caulk around the edge of the door on the mounting lip. Carefully place the glass panel in place. Use a drill to pre-drill holes to mount door stiles and rails to hold the glass panel in place. Use clear mirror clips to ensure the glass panel stays in place.

Step 6: Hang the Doors

Get some help hanging your cabinet doors on the cabinets. You do not want to drop the door that you have just worked to refinish.

Step 7: Finish the Project

Well, your project is technically finished, but you have the option of doing a little extra to the glass to give the kitchen a little more detail. You could etch patterns into the glass or use stained glass applique kits to add color to the room. This step is optional and up to your creative side.

Not sure that you can complete this project? Talk with a local kitchen renovation contractor like Kitchen Village for assistance if you just don’t feel comfortable doing it on your own.