If you have just purchased property that has been left with several tree stumps from a previous owner, you may wish to remove them to enhance the beauty of your land. Many people will opt to hire a professional tree service to remove stumps, but if you are trying to save some cash you might want to try some of the following methods to improve your yard’s appearance.

Rent Equipment

Consider renting a stump grinder to remove the stumps yourself. This is the same piece of equipment that a professional would use to remove your stumps. Make sure someone at the rental service explains the proper procedures to use the equipment. Wear safety goggles and gloves to protect your skin when working on removing the stumps.

Use Chemicals

Stumps can be removed with special chemicals that break down the wood’s composition. Purchase these chemicals from the landscaping section in a home goods or hardware store. First, drill several holes on the top of each stump. Pour the chemical inside the holes and leave it to do its job. You may need to add more every few days to help weaken the wood. The chemical process can take several weeks to work. When the stump has become disintegrated, dig it from the ground for disposal.

Dig Yourself

Try digging out stumps on your own with a shovel. Dig around the perimeter of each stump as far down and as closely to the base of the stump as you can. Use an ax to chop any roots that you see as you dig. Eventually you will break apart all the roots so you can lift the stump out of the ground.

Set A Fire

Wait until there is a time where precipitation is not expected for several days. Drill holes in the top of each stump you wish to remove. Pour kerosene, gasoline, or heating oil inside the holes you have drilled and allow it to seep into the stumps. After about a week, set the stumps on fire.

Make Decor

Consider decorating the stumps instead of removing them from your property. Use a drill to remove much of the wood on the top part of each stump. Leave a one to two-inch diameter of wood around the perimeter of the tree stump so that acts as a container. Fill the empty area with potting soil. Plant flowers in the soil to help give your yard some color and character.

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