If you are looking for flowers that will add color to your landscape, but won’t require a lot of water or maintenance, investing in native wildflowers is the answer. By selecting flowers that naturally appear in your area, you ensure that the seeds will grow with minimal interference from you.

To give your wildflower seeds the best shot at germination, it is essential that you take the time to plant correctly. Here are two methods you can use to get your wildflower seeds planted in the future.

1. Broadcast the seeds by hand.

If you will be planting a small flower bed, then broadcasting your wildflower seeds by hand will be the most effective way to complete the planting process. Start by pouring your seed mixture into a bucket or bowl. Grab a handful of seeds, then sprinkle them across the area you want covered with flowers.

As you broadcast seeds by hand, be sure that you are taking care not to throw too many seeds in one spot. Even distribution is the key to full coverage once the flowers are in bloom, so drag a rake across the flower bed after all your seeds are spread to help ensure the flower bed is evenly covered.

2. Invest in a cyclone spreader.

When you have a large field that you want to plant with wildflowers, spreading the seeds by hand may not be feasible. In these instances you can invest in a cyclone spreader for assistance.

The cyclone spreader will mimic what you would do if you were broadcasting the seeds by hand, spreading out the wildflower seed mix evenly over a large surface. All you have to do is walk behind the cyclone spreader and direct it to the proper locations.

Since wildflower seeds can be quite small, it can be beneficial to mix them with sand prior to spreading. This will reduce the likelihood that your cyclone spreader drops too many seeds in a single location. Experts suggest mixing one packet of seed with about four times as much sand to achieve the best results.

Wildflowers make a beautiful addition to any landscape, and they mirror the native vegetation in the area to help your property maintain a cohesive appearance with the natural surroundings. In order to get the most out of your wildflower seed packets, it’s essential that you plant these seeds properly.

Hand broadcasting the seeds over a small flower bed or using a cyclone spreader to evenly distribute flowers over a larger field will ensure that your flowers look amazing once they are in bloom.