If you have a small kitchen that feels cramped but do not have a ton of money to remodel it, consider updating the look of the kitchen on your own. The following guide walks you through a simple way to make your kitchen look bigger than it is by making a few simple changes to the kitchen cabinets.

Remove the Doors

The first thing you want to do is remove all of the doors on the kitchen cabinets that hang above your countertops. The cabinet doors can make the space look very tiny, and once you remove them, the room will instantly open up. Use a screwdriver to remove the screws that hold the cabinet doors to the cabinets. Make sure that you also use the screwdriver to remove the hinges that are mounted on the cabinets.

Fill the Holes

Next, there will be holes where the hinges were screwed into the sides of the cabinets. Without the cabinet doors, everyone will be able to see right into your cabinets, so you need to fill the holes so that they are not noticeable. Use a small paintbrush to carefully fill the holes with wood filler to hide them from sight. You will then need to use a piece of sandpaper to lightly sand the areas so that they are smooth and level with the rest of the cabinets.

Paint the Interior of the Cabinets

Next, you want to paint the interior of the cabinets a light paint color. You want to be sure that the color is eye catching and unique. Use a paintbrush to paint every inch of the interior of the cabinets. Allow the paint to dry fully before you continue.

Paint the Exterior of the Cabinets

Next, you want to paint the exterior of the cabinets with a light-colored acrylic paint. Light cabinets make a room feel bigger than it really is. White, ivory, or even a light grey color can make your kitchen look bigger. Be sure that you use a primer on the cabinets first to ensure that the paint sticks well to the surface. Allow the primer to dry overnight and then add the actual paint color you want to use.

Once you have finished painting and the paint has had a few days to dry, you can place your plates and glasses back into the cabinets. You should instantly notice a difference in the way the space looks. Contact a representative from a company like Stone Forest Kitchen & Bath Center for further ideas.