If your dog lives indoors with you, you may have find it comical when he or she gets excited and does the ‘boot, scoot and boogie’ run across the wood flooring. However, you may have also found that your dog’s nails have scratched your hardwood flooring. Check out these tips about how to repair your wood flooring after many games of fetch across it, too many running fits or one too many potty training accidents.

Repairing Scratches

If your hardwood flooring has a thick coat of polyurethane on it, the scratches made by your dog’s nails may only be superficial. If you have a small area of scratches, using a stain marker or color putty stick for covering them may be your best option. You can find stain markers and putty sticks for wood flooring at most home improvement stores.

For larger areas of scratches that are deeper, sanding the floor is best. Lightly sanding the areas that are scratched until they have a smooth finish is your first step. Once you have finished sanding, you will need to stain the floor and reapply a fresh coat of polyurethane sealant. Remember that matching your stain and polyurethane sealant to your floor’s existing color can be challenging. For this reason, starting out with a lighter stain and applying it until you reach the same shade is the best way to go. To prevent scratches from damaging your floor again, you might consider having your vet apply nails caps to your dog’s nails. Nail caps are soft plastic caps that are glued onto the nail and can help protect your wood flooring from further damage when your dog is playing on it.

Taking Out Potty Accident Stains

Most every dog owner has experienced cleaning up after their dog’s potty accidents. However, when a dog urinates, or otherwise, on your hardwood flooring, it can cause irreparable moisture damage that sports a terrible odor. If you have a stain from urine or feces that is light in color, you can sand it out, apply wood bleach and reapply stain and sealant. However, darker stains can indicate the moisture has gone deep and caused severe damage. Darker stains on hardwood flooring will mean the boards need to be removed and replaced. Also, darker stains are usually the ones that smell the worst. Keeping your dog on a schedule for feeding and potty times can help you reduce potty accidents on your wood flooring in the future that can be expensive to repair.

Protecting your hardwood flooring from damage is important to avoid it becoming an eye-sore in your home and causing your property value to decrease. Making repairs when scratches and stains are small is best to avoid them from becoming bigger and more costly.