When you get ready to replace your window shutters, either indoor or out, consider re-purposing them throughout the house for a fresh focal point. There are so many things that you can do with any wood or vinyl shutter; it would be a shame to simply stick these versatile fixtures in storage.

Use shutters for the following projects and create a novel conversation piece:

Bring a bed back to life. Mount old shutters on the wall above your bed for a unique and distinctive headboard. Try arranging smaller shutters in a pattern and painting the headboard before securing to the wall.

Put together a pergola. If you happen to find tall, outdoor shutters, consider making an unconventional pergola for your yard or garden. These can be easily secured using hardware and an electric drill, and a bit of epoxy may further ensure your pergola stands up against the weather and elements. Use shutters for the two sides, connecting them at the top with an additional shutter, either vinyl or wood.

Recycle a single shutter into a runner. If you get your hands on a single, cool old shutter, use it as a runner down the middle of your dining room table. This can go on top of any linen that you may use, and place flower arrangements, serving dishes, or candles on top of the shutter, if desired. These have a kind of shabby-chic appeal.

Fix yourself a unique fireplace screen. Small interior shutters are ideal for making fireplace screens to cover up your fireplace and grace your hearth. Use small brass hinges to attach as many shutters as you wish to create the accordion-style screen that will unfold and stand on its own.

Use shutters for storing books. Shutters are the perfect size and shape to make simple bookcases to hold all of your family’s books. Use the shutter as the shelves, with additional shutters secured on the sides for the foundation. Spray paint the entire bookcase a bright, vibrant color to finish.

Wow visitors with a wall treatment. If you are fortunate enough to have quite a few shutters on hand, consider using them to create a funky wall treatment on a single wall in your home. Wood works best as the inherent grain and natural weathering give it a rich and distinctive look. Simply secure each shutter flush against the next to create a “wall” of shutters.

Throw together a quick and easy rack. A random shutter is the perfect foundation for a clever and easy rack, that works in any area of the home. Some ideas for turning a shutter into a rack include:

  • Hang a shutter on the kitchen wall for utensils.
  • Hang a shutter horizontally and secure hooks, knobs, or extra drawer-pulls for a simple clothing or towel rack in the bathroom.
  • Secure your shutter over your desk or workspace, flush against the wall, and use the slats to hold papers, documents, or photos conveniently.

Create a clever conversation piece in your home with indoor or outdoor shutters:

  • Seek some unique wooden shutters from salvage yards or recycled building supply centers in your region.
  • Check out thrift stores for both indoor and outdoor shutters for low-cost projects.
  • Consider updating your current window treatments and shutters, and recycling any shutters into charming conversation pieces throughout your home. 

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