Decorative straps add uniqueness to any structure. This article will discuss three locations in your home where decorative straps can really enhance the overall aesthetic. 

Beams On Your Ceiling 

Large beams going across your ceiling generally creates a very open and classic look for your home. However, just leaving the wood beams without anything on them can sometimes be kind of boring. Adding decorative straps to ceiling beams not only looks great but can also be a way to help reinforce them. The straps can go on corners and connecting pieces to bolt them together and cover any areas where the wood comes together and doesn’t look very visually appealing. While you can choose whatever color of decorative strap you would like, a contrasting color often looks best against the wood. For example, a black decorative strap would look great with a light colored wooden beam. 

The Hinges Of Your Front Door

If you want to add a little something extra to your wooden front door, then you can do so by simply adding some straps to go over the hinges of your door. You can choose whatever color and design of painted metal you would like your straps to be. This can add to the overall wood cut out design of you door and is likely a very affordable option for you as well.  

Your Garage Door

Since your garage door is a basic door that can sometimes look boring and without personality, it is a good idea to personalize it by adding different types of decor. While adding windows to a garage door is great for breaking it up and giving it a unique look, decorative straps are excellent as well. You can choose the style and number of straps that you would like, and then you can add them to either side of your garage door, as well as the center. This breaks up the monotony of the garage door without the costs associated with adding windows. Also, depending on the color, design, and overall style of the straps that you choose, you can give it a modern look or a more vintage appearance. For example, if you want more of a vintage feel for your garage, you can add some black, metal straps that have a damask shape on the end of them to the sides of the garage, and place two handles in the middle.